The following are the Pierpont PTA volunteer committees that help to serve and put on all of the PTA events and programs for our students throughout the year. We would not be able to succeed without the help of our dedicated and committee family of volunteers. Read more to find out about the positions, a description of the responsibilities per committee, the recommended number of chair and committee members, the timeline and estimated time commitment for the chair role, and skills that may be helpful in this position.

If you are interested in becoming a committee chair or helping out in any capacity we welcome you to get involved, please contact or use our volunteer sign up form.

Fun Run Committee
1 chair + 10 committee 

Chair and committee work together for our biggest fundraiser of the year to coordinate the Fun Run Event and Award Assembly, design and order t-shirts, create communications and run events. Strong committee of volunteers needed.

Time: August through November as needed. 3-4 hours on two event days (Fun Run and Award Assembly).  Total of 10 hours max for planning and event day presence. 
Skills: Organization, communication, planning, executing assigned duties, comfortable delegating.

1 chair + 3 committee 

Help out in the garden, times may vary, each classroom has designated hour long weekly times. Coordinate with Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade parents as identified by teachers.

Time: School year; 1.5 hours weekly
Skills: Gardening, planning.

Spring Farmstand

1 chair + 4 committee 

Works with the chair to plan events and coordinate donations. Set-up and clean-up for the event in April, coordinate donations and activities, oversee volunteers.

Time: March/April; 12-20 hours total.
Skills: Event planning, arts & crafts, delegating, organizing.

1 chair + 4 committee 

Teacher and staff appreciation. Shower our beloved faculty with gifts, meals and surprises throughout the year. Provides food for volunteer events, sends thank you cards to sponsors and birthdays notes for teachers, using PTA funds.

Time: Monthly, all school year; 2 hours/month.
Skills: Hosting and creating delightful spreads, communication, organization, planning events and comfortable delegating.

1 chair + 4 committee 

Coordinate with teachers and parent volunteers, responsible for restocking books, checking in and checking out books.

Time: All school year; 4 hours/month.
Skills: Communication and organization.

Parents Night Out 
2 chairs + 6 committee 

This committee helps organize one of the biggest fundraising events of the year. Historically 2 chairs + 6 committee held at Water’s Edge, the Live and Silent Auction raises money to send the upcoming 5th graders on their  CIMI 5th grade experience in Catalina. Volunteer activities include solicitations for donations, organizing  auction items, event activities such as event set up, checkout, and event cleanup. 

Time: Solicitations start in January and runs through April (about 1-2 hours per week). Organization of  auction items occurs 1-2 times in March and takes about 3-4 hours. Event set up occurs on the day of the  Event in April and runs in 2 hour shifts. Checkout occurs the last 2 hours of the event and cleanup takes a  couple of hours after the event ends. 
Skills: Communication, Organization, comfortable asking for auction items, delegating

Pumpkin patch
1 chair + 4 committee 

Works with chair to unload pumpkins after school on October 19th.  Coordinate with chair to  move pumpkins the morning before school on October 20th and be present day of to take  pictures for classes and to clean up picture area afterwards.

Sponsorship Committee 
1 chair + 3 committee 

Works with the chair and a strong committee of helpers to find new and manage existing local businesses to sponsor events.

Time: All school year, but heavily focused at beginning of school year.
Skills: Organization, communication, comfortable asking for money, delegating.

Talent Show Committee  
1 chair + 3 committee 

Chair and committee work together to manage students during rehearsals and participate in the talent show (behind the scenes).

Time: February 10th, 2024; 8-15 hours total in prep, plus day of event. 
Skills: Organization, communication.

Technology/ Website
1 chair

Maintain the website and keep it updated with relevant and current events.

Time: All school year, behind the scenes from home, 2-10 hours/month depending.
Skills: Web, communication, attention to detail.

1 chair + 1 committee

Capture pictures and layout the school yearbook. Coordinate with: room parents to request class pictures, event chairs for event pictures, teachers and obtain pictures from every major school event via yourself or contacts. Place order by May.

Time: All school year; 6-10 hours/month.
Skills: Photo-documenting, organizing, communication.