Become a Sponsor and Give
Support Directly to Pierpont Kids.

Pierpont PTA is seeking active involvement from our local business leaders, families, and community in the form of Commercial Sponsorships. Our PTA makes lifelong impressions on our students and we invite you and your organization to be a part of our efforts. 

Sponsorship of the Pierpont Elementary School is a unique opportunity to connect with and give support directly to the children and families of our community.

100% of the PTA budget benefits the following:

  • Field Trips, including bus transportation
  • CIMI Field Trip – Two night excursion fully funded for all 5th graders
  • Art instruction in the classroom
  • Dance instruction
  • Grants to teachers to buy supplies & materials at the teacher’s discretion
  • Community Carnival at Pierpont Elementary
  • Movie night for families in the community

In addition to helping enrich our children’s education in our community, your sponsorship provides you with exposure to all of the families that attend Pierpont Elementary as well as access to the Pierpont/Ventura Keys neighborhood residents. 

For more information about sponsoring Pierpont Elementary, please contact 

Timur Taluy                                               



Pierpont Proud:       $ 250.00
Sponsor’s name will be on the school banner (deadline is Oct 1 for inclusion).   Banner is displayed on campus at the corner of Pierpont and Peninsula Road and is seen by most of the neighborhood residents and visitors. You will also receive a presentation-grade certificate to showcase in your business.

Pierpont Sponsor:    $ 500.00
“Proud” level benefits plus your organization name on the Jog-a-Thon t-shirt (deadline is Oct 1 for inclusion). Your sponsorship will be presented on our social media featuring your organization. Premium placement on the banner and T-shirt.

Pierpont Benefactor:        $ 750.00
“Pierpont Sponsor” level benefits plus your organization will be mentioned at all of our events.   Generally, the PTA organizes an annual Carnival, Jog-a-Thon, Talent Show, and Parent Night Out/Auction.

Pierpont Patron:     $ 1,000.00

“Benefactor” level benefits plus you will be featured as a business of the month and you will be mentioned in the yearbook.   A business of the month is a featured business on all the publications in that month, including Parent Square.  Pierpont families are encouraged to engage with highlighted businesses. Limited to 10 sponsors per year.

Event Sponsor:        $ 2,500.00

“Patron” benefits plus your organization is associated with one of the events.  For Example, the Parent Night Out Auction, set for April at Water’s Edge Restaurant in Ventura Harbor.  Limited to 3 sponsors.

Pelican Pete’s Auction Item
Sponsor’s name will be mentioned at the annual auction and item featured at the auction

In Kind
Sponsor’s name will be mentioned at an event where they provided in-kind support